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Zincwhite is an upcycling project based in Huddersfield which designs and handcrafts contemporary jewellery and fashion accessories.

We use recycled Derwent colouring pencils for one of our ranges of jewellery. The waste pencils are taken straight from the factory and we transform them into our unique pieces. The hardwoods used in some products are often tropical and are salvaged from old furniture and building sites.

Cufflinks, rings, earrings and hairclips are also upcycled from vintage typewriter components, bags are reconstructed from shirts and coffee sacks, bracelets are


reworked from broken camera lenses and necklaces are created from trashed artist’s paintbrushes (as featured in Marie Claire!).

Aboout our Packaging

Our aim is to radically change the way society thinks about waste and fashion.

Hence we use:

reclaimed colouring pencils, shirts, zips, buttons, audio cassettes, tents, plastic toys, records etc. and are always looking to take on new waste materials.

We also create our packaging with reclaimed or recycled materials. We build all our gift boxes out of unwanted record sleeves and product labels are printed onto artists canvas off-cuts.


‘Our aim is to change the way society thinks about waste and fashion’.

We come from fine art and architecture backgrounds and initially began making stuff to please ourselves and to give to family and friends as presents. We hope you like our stuff too.


Please click on the image below to download a copy of our latest pdf catalogue.